Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's Coming

Iceland, a land borne of fire and ice is far, it’s in the Arctic, but it’s second best country to live in the world according to the United Nations Human Development Index in 2006. But in 2008, it’s government went bankrupt. At the time I don’t know what it meant so I asked Oscar and Antonio, friends who live there.
When an armed conflict erupted between Georgia and Russian forces near the South Ossetia border, I messaged Shorena, an acquaintance in Paris. She’s a native of Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital city.
On July 9th 2011, owing to ethnic conflict and civil war, a new country came to be – South Sudan. But before it declared independence, I had inside information from my friend Kostas who’s volunteering with Doctors Without Borders in Africa.
The way we communicate in real time and draw information through cutting edge technology thoroughly fascinates me. As shown above, I have the privilege of being in touch with friends all over the world and thru this network of friends and acquaintances, I share my knowledge and experiences with the world. So this blog will be dedicated to giving inside information on current events and historical facts as well as travel tips and friendly advice from local people of places I have visited and those I will be visiting.

Some stories may touch on politics and strife and internal struggle but they will be more focused on the richness of the cultural experience, must-see sights list and tips on how to comfortably mingle with the local people, each piece designed hopefully to make you want to come visit and then, to make you want to come back for more.

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