Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Philippines (Third of Three Parts)

The Philippines
THIRD OF THREE PARTS: Focus on The Visayas

1. Cebu and Bohol

Without a doubt, Cebu and Bohol are the best diving destinations in the country in terms of accessibility, practicality and safety, and there are plenty of dive sites to choose from. There are waterfalls, white sand beaches, and exotic offshore islands to explore. Cebu is your international gateway to the Visayas. It is historic and cosmopolitan. Bohol is equally welcoming and boasts of the world famous Chocolate Hills, an astounding natural wonder. By boat, the two islands are an hour away from each other.

It is the best beach in the world. The powdery white sand, the crowd, the vibe, it’s electrifying. The western side contains the beaches and banana boat rides and sailing, while the windy east is best for the serious wind and kite surfer. The sun coming down and setting under the sea mellows the place a bit as everybody gets awed, but it gets vibrant again by nightfall with fire dancers swaying to the beat of live music from beach clubs. Boracay is your definitive beach experience. Book domestic flights from Manila or Cebu.

Dumaguete is your city by the bay. It has a unique charm that lures visitors to come back for more. Silliman, a reputable university is the heart of the city, pumping new blood in, keeping it vibrant, trendy and forever young.

Siquijor is wrapped in witchcraft, so they say. It is full of witches flying around at night on broomsticks. Boracay maybe the best white sand beach in the world but you will hate the packed crowd on peak months. Siquijor is your Boracay sans the crowd. It has the same powdery white beach quality. By boat, it’s just an hour away from Dumaguete. There are regular flights to Dumaguete from Manila or Cebu.

Pack and go!
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